Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Newest book - Pontotoc County, Mississippi

We have made a slight departure from our usual book series.

Our original series "No Land...Only Slaves!" was created as an index for the slaves named in the county deed records we researched in the Courthouses of the Ark-La-Tex Region. It now looks like our next book will be slave deeds gathered from the Courthouse in Pontotoc County, Mississippi.

This project has experienced a lot of growth from our original premis which was to publish an index of all the slaves named in our research in the Ark-La-Tex courthouses. Our books now include an abstract or complete transcripton of every deed in which a slave or free person of color is mentioned in that county's deed record books, a historical perspective of the county, a TimeTable which compares slave legislation within this tri-state region, census slave schedules and an extra index for all persons & places mentioned within the transcribed records.

Our Ark-La-Tex research eventually expanded further to include other Texas Counties, and NOW it has expanded yet again. We have recently returned from a trip to Tupelo, Mississippi and while we were there we researched the deeds in Pontotoc County in Mississippi. WHEW!

This Mississippi research looks to be the 19th volume in our Black History aid.


Anabolina said...

Good Work. I know how brilliant you are.

Kelley Alexander said...

Do you have the Pontotoc book completed?